Aviation Links

Aviation Links

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Below are several aviation links which are very useful for all pilots flying in Ireland. These include links to our online lesson booking tool, websites of local aerodromes, weather planning websites, links to the Irish Aviation Authority and also websites which sell aviation equipment.


AircraftClubs.com: Our online booking tool for scheduling flights

Met Eireann self-briefing website for pilots: This weather briefing website requires registration, but it is free

Windy.com: This is a very useful weather tool which provides Doppler radar across Ireland

Irish Aviation Authority daily NOTAM bulletin: This I.A.A. page is updated daily with the latest aeronautical notices, including details of temporary restricted areas

Irish Aviation Authority Flight Plan submission page: Submit Air Traffic Control flight plans using this link – registration is required, but it is free

SEP revalidation form: Use this form to apply to the I.A.A. personnel licensing department for re-validation of your Single Engine Piston (S.E.P.) Rating

Weston Airport procedures: This page contains details of Weston airports’ circuit procedures

Weston AIP entry: This downloadable PDF  provides a host of detailed information about Westoner airport (EIWT)

Ballyboy Airfield website: This is the website for Ballyboy Airfield and provides useful information for pilots planning to visit Ballyboy airfield

Kilrush Airfield: This is the website for Kilrush Airfield in Co. Kildare. It provides useful information for pilots planning to visit Kilrush, including noise abatement procedures

AIP Ireland: the Aeronautical Information Publication (or A.I.P.) for Ireland

VFR charts: Ordinance Survey Ireland  provide charts for Visual Flight Rules (V.F.R.) flying in Ireland

ASG PPL Groundschool: ASG provide high quality training to prepare students for their Private Pilots License (P.P.L.) written ground school exams

Flying In Ireland website: This is a great website that contains an Irish aviation events calendar. Also, it has an aviation forum and lots of useful information about flying in Ireland

General Aviation Safety Council of Ireland (G.A.S.C.I.): This organisation promotes aviation safety in Ireland

Transair Pilot Shop: This company has all your aviation supplies

SkyDemon: This company provides excellent Visual Flight Rules (V.F.R.) flight planning software


Hopefully you will find these links to be a useful resource. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about us, please feel free to get in contact with us.