Membership Costs

Membership Costs
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When becoming a member of our, and every flying club, there are several costs to be accounted for. These are a combination of straightforward membership costs plus other more subtle, hidden costs.


Our Membership Costs

  • Joining fee: the cost of actually joining the club is €500. This is a non refundable once-off fee which is a contribution to the capital cost of the aircraft. Included in this payment is a fee of €1.27 which buys you a share in the club.
  • Monthly fee: there is a monthly fee of €65 that is payable by direct debit. This monthly fee covers the fixed costs of the club which include hangarage, insurance, office rental, administrative costs and maintenance costs. We do review the fee from time to time but we endeavour to keep it as low as possible.
  • Hourly rate: the hourly flying rate is €145 per hour, and it covers the direct costs of operating the aircraft such as fuel and oil. This is real time hour, from engine start to engine stop. Members are expected to pay for their flying after each flight. Our instructors are all volunteers and do not receive remuneration for their time.
  • Landing fees: these fees are charged by Weston Airport to the club and billed directly to members. At other airfields members are responsible for paying their landing fees directly.


Hidden Costs

When considering starting to learn to fly, you should be aware of some other hidden costs, such as:

  • IAA Class 2 medical: (which requires renewal at different intervals depending on age, for under 40s this is every 5 years, reducing to two years until 50, then annually thereafter). Here is a list of authorised IAA Aeromedical examiners.
  • Ground school tuition: You will be required to complete a course of ground school tuition in order to be allowed sit the PPL written exams. At present this is completed with a third party provider.
  • Equipment: You will need to acquire some equipment, such as a Visual Flight Rules chart, pens, plotters and a kneeboard. Some members choose to buy their own headset, but the club does provide shared headsets for use.
  • Flight test fee: this a fee paid directly to the examiner when conducting your Skills Test.
  • IAA licence issue fee: This is a fee paid directly to the IAA when applying for your licence.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss our memberships costs and about obtaining your membership application.