PPL Costs

PPL Costs
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The PPL costs and time to complete the Private Pilots Licence in Ireland depends on numerous factors. These include your own availability and weather conditions. Here is an example of PPL costs you could expect when completing your PPL with us:

  • Flying club joining fee: €500
  • 24 months club membership: €1560
  • 45 hours flying: €5850
  • Groundschool: €1000 (example figure, subject to third party provider fee)

Total cost: €8910


What can you expect from the PPL?

You can expect to complete at least 45 hours of flight training as well as approximately 100 hours of theoretical knowledge training. Included in the 45 hours of flying is some solo flying. Prior to solo flying you will need to pass a Class 2 medical with an IAA Aeromedical Examiner. The medical requirements can be found on the IAA Aeromedical website.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss obtaining your PPL.